Monday, April 30, 2012

Some Good News!

Things seem to move so slowly, don't they?  Dr La Quaglia has looked at Case's scans and wants to take Case's case to MSKCC Tumor Board, which is a meeting of the minds (oncologists, surgeons, radiologists, etc).  That Tumor Board is tomorrow afternoon.  They won't confirm or schedule anything until after they decide what to do.  So hopefully Wednesday morning we will know our game plan.

In the meantime we are tentatively penciled in for a consultation next Tuesday the 8th, with surgery to following in a few days.  We are planning on flying up this coming Monday and will stay until Case has recovered from surgery.  We are estimating two weeks, but as the last month has taught us, anything can happen!

Xavier's dad, Colin, has flown in from New Zealand to be a third parent while we go through all of this.  Colin and Graydon will come up to New York with us, as we can't bear to leave Graydon behind for that long!  While we wait around this week we are having fun and doing some projects.  Just hanging out.

But we do have some great news!!  Case has decided to let go of our finger and he is now walking on his own!!!  It is so wonderful!  It all started last Saturday night when we were at our friends', the Hart's, for dinner.  Case was standing in front of his cancer-pal, Brooke, and took two independent steps to her.  It was the first time that he decided on his own to walk...and it was to Brooke.  How sweet is that?  Love it.
Here are the two of them in the pool.  Kindred spirits.

A few days later he just let go and walked across the playroom to me.  Then the next day he did it some more.  And within a few days he was cruising!  He does not crawl anymore and is completely mobile, walking everywhere he goes!  Granddad took him on a two-block walk this morning and he did it all lie!  The bad thing is, I actually don't have one picture of it yet.

But here are some pictures of the boys playing at the Harts.  Case is the definition of a "water baby."

Graydon in every ounce of pool gear they had!

His smiles are the best!
I really love this baby. 


  1. Yay!!!!! That is so exciting he is walking!! I love those sweet smiles:) I hope this morning you will know exactly what the plan is! Yay for Case!!!!

  2. I'm so glad Colin made it there safely. Best of luck in NYC. We'll be sending more love & prayers from Texas while you're gone.

  3. What beautiful boys you have! Let us know if you need anything done here at home while you are away :)

  4. Emily, these pictures are so sweet. You are in my thoughts and prayers as you begin this week. I pray everything will go smoothly. Love you. xoxo.