Thursday, April 5, 2012


Case lost his hair two weeks after the first round of chemo. I know it didn’t look like he had a lot, but he did. It was the same color as his skin, so it was hard to see. So it was still really hard for us when he lost it. Harder yet when his long dark eyelashes fell out after round 4.

His hair tried to grow back in between rounds. By the time 3 weeks had rolled around, I could see a very fine growth of a short stubble. Two weeks later, shiny bald head again as the chemo drugs made the new growth fall out each time. There were a handful of hair strands that braved it all the way through chemo and got really long and scraggly, so we cut those down so that they will blend in with any new growth.

His eyelashes also went in phases where all would fall out except a line of super short lashes. They would get moderately long, and then fall out again. His eyebrows also thinned out by about 50%.

This is Case last week. You can see, very up close, little fluffies on the top of his head, back by the crown of his head. You can also see the tell-tale signs of the chemo-kid-head...bright blue veins popping out of the bare skin!

Check out that baldy head (and the best pudding face ever!).

Remember his cute little head of hair?

Now that we are three weeks from the last round of chemo, his determined new stubble is getting a chance to grow!! I love it! You can run your hand over his head and feel little fluffy hairs everywhere. It’s still super light in color, so it’s not easy to see, but it’s there. I’m so excited for his bald head to not be so bare, especially with summer and the sun’s harsh rays around the corner.


  1. He is so cute with his little bald head. Thinking and praying for you guys all the time.
    Love Vicky xoxo

  2. What a sweet picture of him growing back hair that can stay!!! I love the picture of you and him below. It is so precious. Good luck tomorrow! We will be thinking and praying all day!