Friday, March 16, 2012

Race for Case

Here are pictures from Race For Case! It was awesome! There were so many people there in our blue shirts...both close friends and family and strangers. It was so great to see so many supporters of our sweet boy.

The kids [and adults] did great in the 1k. Very energetic and adorable! Case rode on daddy's shoulders and happily bounced up and down the whole time!

The 5k saw a few newbies to the race world! We were so happy to have people run their first races in Case's name!

Thank you to all who participated! Thank you, thank you!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happiness Is...

First adventures in self-feeding with a spoon, with chocolate pudding, no less!

...And the resulting beautiful mess!!

I had been at the front door for a bit handing out Race for Case shirts and came back to the above masterpiece! My reaction was nothing short of pure joy! To see my boy being a happy, regular little boy making messes and enjoying himself was priceless!

Case, you better have more messes in your future!

Round Seven

Round Seven has been exactly what we needed: Case is still receiving his life-saving chemo drugs, but the yucky side effects have been almost at their lowest! I am not sure why it's so different, but we haven't had too many of these sad faces:

The 3-day hospital stay really was the easiest. Case usually gets grumpy and restless, but he was content and happy most of the time.

Just hanging out!

He spent a lot of time looking at photos and videos on our camera, a new favorite activity. It was so sweet to see a huge smile break out on his face every time he saw his big brother! They truly make each other happy every day! Such a blessing!

This is his "fort." I drape his crib in sheets while he sleeps so that he won't just lay there and stare at me. It's the only way to go.

Here he is getting his port de-accessed. He is usually really calm and chill when doctors and nurses are attending to him. He just lays there and watches him. Have a mentioned already that he is a champ?

We spent a lot of time in the oncology playroom with brother and with other cute little patients. It's so nice for us moms to get out of our rooms and to talk to other adults. There's definitely some awkwardness in maneuvering the IV Poles and trailing tubes as the kids try to play together!

Graydon really missed me this time, as I never leave the hospital when there. I'm glad we are nearing the end so that hopefully we don't permanently scar this cute little boy!

Since we've been home Case has mostly been in good spirits! No throw-ups, no long periods of grumpiness and anger! So we are thrilled! We even had time to go on a family hike.

Graydon really is an integral part of Case's treatments - more in the healing portion. They love each other so much and never fight. Graydon is so soft and caring with Case, and gets so excited when he crawls or does something new! Case always laughs the hardest with Graydon. I love brotherhood! I am so glad that Case has such a loving, amazing older brother!

So hooray for Round Seven! I believe that it was a "tender mercy" from our loving Heavenly Father. He knew that we needed a break.