Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Birthday Present for Case

As the mother of the sweet baby Case, where would I even begin to describe what we have felt and still feel. There are no words, and quite frankly, even if there were, I am not sure I could be brave enough to use them. Sometimes it's easier to not delve into the pain of our grief and the horror in remembering what Case had to endure.

But in honor of my sweet boy, I had to make this post. I have a request of our family and friends, and even strangers. Case would be turning two years old this Sunday, December 16th. There is really nothing to do but cry when I think of it. But I want to remember the good times, and I want to celebrate the enormity of Case's soul and influence. And we need your help.

Please email me a memory you have of Case. It can also be a statement of how Case has affected your life, especially for those of you who I do not know and never met Case. I need to know that Case is still alive in us all.

I am hoping that Case's short life yields at least a 50/50 split between happy memories and not so pleasant ones associated with the monster that cancer is. Either way, please share a story of Case!

You can leave a comment here (though I am sure there is a word limit), or you can email me at casebeckham@gmail.com.  This will be our birthday present to Case. Thank you.