Thursday, April 5, 2012

Week of Scan

Here are some pictures from this week. A picture is worth a thousand words, so here are quite a few precious ones! Prayers have definitely been answered this week as Case has been a sweet, cuddly bug instead of a mad, screaming baby, like I imagined with him fasting.

Love the thumb-sucking

The sink is one of his favorite places these days! He is such a fan of water! This was a good distraction.

Trying to eat paper towels (the whole thing is shoved in) because he is so hungry from fasting!

Looking at the train display with Nana.

Case also loves elevators, and dances and walks in circles while riding. This was another distraction today. We visited all 12 floors.

Pushing all the buttons!

Walking up and down the stairs...over and over again!

Most of the time clowns are pretty scary, but this one had bubbles!

...and she had a "Number 2 Pencil!" ahhaahahaha! I laughed so hard!

Love the accordion playing clown on the right. She was getting into it!

Flirting with the nurses. We were here 3 days this week, so they all cheered when we walked in today. They loved him. He was smiling it up with them!

Eating more paper towels!

The roughest day was Wednesday, when they had to insert an IV just to give him the medicine for his MIBG body scan. Remember how I said that no one can get a needle in him? Yeah, well, they wouldn't access his port because it would cause that area to look like cancer cells on the scan. So they called the "magic worker," Ida from the E.R., who can insert IV's in the crook of the arm. It worked, after an hour of waiting and trying. He wasn't a fan of that.

I am currently waiting for him to get out of his MIBG scan and his MRI. It's been over 4 hours. We will get results next week from all the scans and the plan for surgery. Thank you all for your prayers!


  1. Precious! Thanks for sharing! Now to find one of those poop pencils...

  2. Go Case, Boston thinks of you!

  3. Just want to you know that we are still thinking of you here in AZ. Hardly a prayer goes by where my little ones don't remember to say a specific blessing for Case. They are also asking for updates on him, so thank you for posting all of these. We sat around this morning and discussed all that Case is going through. We love you guys.
    PS Thanks especially for the pencil picture. I needed that laugh this am.