Sunday, April 1, 2012

Big Week!

I know our blog has been a bit quiet lately, but it seems like too much work these days! We are all worn out after walking around the house in circles all day. Case is still "pretending" that he can't walk without our assistance!

He has become such a little boy...wanting to eat dirt, swim in little puddles on the sidewalks, and open and close everything! And we get to go on each and every adventure! We definitely know how to cherish every moment and we are so happy that he feels good enough to want to do these things (but we're tired - hence the lack of posts!). It has been really hard to tell him "no" on so many things, too, like on eating dirt. His oncologists eyes got huge when I told her he wants to eat dirt!

We finished our last round of chemo on March 19th. It was a quick, one-day infusion. We had quite a bit of yuckiness and "angry baby," but we are DONE with chemo! Whoopee!

Now, this week is going to be a big week for us. Case is undergoing a slew of scans. Monday is a bone scan and a CT scan. Wednesday he gets injections of nuclear medicine for the MIBG (soft tissue body) to follow the next day. Thursday is the MIBG and an MRI. Poor guy.

He has to be sedated for all of these, which means he is fasting from the night before. All of the scans are scheduled for the afternoon, so I'm already know it's going to be H.A.R.D. But from these scans we will be able to determine what is left and what can be taken out by surgery. Surgery is scheduled for April 18th.

So please keep Case in your prayers this week. Please pray for his comfort as he obviously doesn't understand why he has to fast and undergoes the stress of sedation. We won't know the results until the following week, so stay tuned!


  1. A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to all of you for making it through the chemo sessions. I know it felt endless but such a giant milestone is now behind you. Although I'm so sorry little Case will have to fast for the scans, I'm glad he'll be sedated. Case is always in my thoughts and prayers. I know the miracle will continue through the surgery and recovery. I love you guys!


  2. I totally agree with Holly. Congrats on making it through all that you guys are amazing. Case will continue to be in our prayers. Good luck to all of you guys this week and the weeks to come.