Friday, May 11, 2012

One long haul...

Never mind, we are staying here.  Can our lives be any more transient or crazy?  Yes, I'm sure they could, but I am reaching my limit.  After thinking about things, it just sounded extravagant to fly home for 9 days, then turn around and come back.  Trust me, I would prefer to be home in Texas in the comfort of our own home, but we just felt like it was better for us to stay here.  Boo hoo.  Xavier is flying home on Sunday and coming back on Friday so that he can attend to things at work, because being away for 4+ weeks wasn't going to work.  My father in law and I will "hold down" the fort here. 

The "fort," by the way, is a 2-bedroom apartment that we have leased for 30 days.  My work is being the most amazing employer (especially since I haven't worked since Case was diagnosed) and paying for our accommodation up here.  So, so amazing!  So our apartment is 0.2 miles from MSKCC.  It's actually really spacious for a NYC apartment.  It's pretty nice.  I need to take pictures.  The boys and I share a room and Granddad has his own room.  The family room has plenty of room to play in.  There is a nice park (pictured below) a few steps down the road.  And it only took me 13 minutes to walk to Bloomingdale's on Park Avenue for some retail therapy today (the retail therapy actually occurring at H&M next door...can't afford Bloomingdale's, for sure!). 

Our main complaints?  The crazy, insane loud street noises that are a constant part of life.  And the unit next door that is going through a total gut renovation.  Hammers, saws, and construction workers yelling from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm every day has made nap time a struggle.  And the grocery store across the street that charges $6.99 for a package of Fig Newtons.  We don't like that.

The sand pit is a hit with Case at the neighborhood park

Case loves to play "peek-a-boo" in the coffee table in the lobby of our building each time we got off the elevator

This is what Case wants to do every time we walk out of our building, which makes going anywhere a struggle.

This is where Case should be sitting every time we walk out of our building, but this cutie usually is.

Check out Case's fuzzy head.  Love the hair!

Walking through Central Park - Case thought walking through the leaves was hilarious!

Yesterday we went to the Museum of Natural History.  Graydon loved it, Case not so much.  He kind of screamed the whole time.
But we forgave him, because he's cute.  This was our special date last night, just me and Case.  Xavier, Graydon, and Colin went to a Yankees game and Case was not happy being left behind, so we went to play.

Another happy Case swinging in NYC.  Remember the old one from our September trip last year before diagnosis?

Cute Case outside the Museum of Natural History

I'm behind 99% of every picture, so I made X take this picture to prove that I was there too.

And a final happy note: Case's port decided to start working again.  He had a CT Scan and 4 bone marrow biopsies today.  The poor little guy.  The bone marrow biopsies are basically little pieces of bone that they screw out of the front side and back side of each hip.  Ouch.


  1. Wow, your life is a constant adventure. Good luck in NY! I'm glad you guys get to have a little fun amidst the insanity. Still praying for you always!

  2. NYC will never be the same. The Beckham Family has taken the city by storm! Every day a new adventure, some new hill to climb.
    Your positive attitudes lift us all! And the pictures carry us on your journey.

    Think about purchasing/borrowing a fan to create "white" noise. May help block the street/next door demolation ruckus.

    Cindy and AJ

  3. The one true wish of my heart: that I was in NY with you!

  4. Four biopsies in one day! EEEEEEKKKKK!!!! Poor little guy. Sad you are having to wait so long for surgery but so glad to see you guys seizing the day! Prayers for you all...
    And I love his fuzzy head too. :)

  5. I think of you all OFTEN and pray for your sweet Case and family! You are doing so well amidst so many challenges! I have no doubt all elements will come together how they are supposed too! Way to go for being so brave and going forward with faith!
    Love ya!!

  6. Love you guys and praying always. What a strong, special spirit Case has. Hang in there.