Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Coming Home

So we are actually going home on Saturday, without surgery.  Long story short, we will be coming back on May 22nd for surgery on the 24th.  When we first discovered this this morning we were all pretty angry and couldn't believe it, but now it seems like it was supposed to happen this way.  Several things have played a part in it.
1) Dr. L would have had to cancel other patients' surgeries to fit Case in sometime next week.  I thought we were set for Monday the 14th, but that was not the case.  When I mentioned it to him yesterday he grabbed his schedule book and was going over it with his assistant.  I knew it wasn't a good sign when I spotted them looking at May 27th!  So they say that they would have "slipped" him in next week, but we are starting to doubt it.  How do you slip in a 12 hour surgery?  And what about the kids whose surgeries would be cancelled for Case?
2) Case didn't have his CT Scan today.  Some of us forgot about the fasting this morning and he ate copius amounts of cereal!  I honestly think that this was all supposed to happen and that someone forgot for a "reason," but you can imagine how we felt when we realized the CT scan was off today because of breakfast!  The hospital couldn't get Case back into the schedule until Friday.  Ugh.  Friday is too late for Dr L to receive the scan and review it in time to cancel other patients' surgeries for early next week.  Apparently they wouldn't "slip" him in without having their own CT scan to look at.
3) His port is still not working.  Something is up because all tests are showing that it's clear (x-ray and EKG from today that also showed tubing to be clear).  This wouldn't cancel surgery all on its own, but it needs to be worked out beforehand.
So...we are going home on Saturday and coming back up a week and a half later!  It's just too hard living here in the city for us to stay here 2 weeks til his surgery, and it's too expensive.  We don't have to go to the hospital tomorrow, so we are going to visit some museums and have fun!! 
Want to know the cherry on the top?  Graydon caught a flu bug and was throwing up today and experiencing other yuckies.  He's on the mend now, though.  Let's all pray it doesn't spread!
Seems all like too much, right?  We are all feeling okay, which just re-instates the fact to me that this delay was meant to be.  So we'll see what kind of craziness we discover tomorrow, as each day as done so already!


  1. Oh Emily... I am so sorry. That must feel so frustrating and nerve wracking. We love you all oh so much and pray constantly. I hope you can have a fun day tomorrow while you are there! I hope Graydon gets better fast and that they figure out this port situation. I know you have so much faith and I admire you so much to be able to see the blessings and positives in all things. You are my hero! Hugs!

  2. Sweet Family,
    Have some fun then come home and recharge your batteries! AND hopefully someone here can figure out how to get the port working perfectly before flying back to NYC. We so appreciate the updates. You are loved.

    Cindy and AJ

  3. Wow. Someone needs to write a book about your endless adventures!! It just keeps going, doesn't it?! And yet, you are stoic and optimistic and full of hope and faith. I have no doubt that things like this happen for a reason and that soon you will look back at all of the 'tender mercies' from a loving Heavenly Father and understand why every little thing happened the way it did. And if anything, we are just happy that you'll be back home for a little while! Have a wonderful day making memories today. Lots of love to you all.

  4. Oh my goodness! What a week you guys have had. My favorite part of all of this is you jumping into a cab and going to get that crib on your own. I love it! To me that incident is just a refliction of how you have handled this entire situation with Case. As his mom you have done a great job of making sure things get done and get done right. Keep it up girl!! You are awesome.
    We are thinking and praying for all of you each day. Lots of love.

  5. What a crazy turn of events for your family! Of course, as always, you have the most amazing and inspiring attitude. I am happy that things feel good to you. We love and pray for you always!