Monday, December 12, 2011

Toxic Diapers

I could come up with countless puns about stinky and vile diapers, but I don't have the energy nor the time. But I will just simply state that during chemo my baby's diapers are literally TOXIC.

There is a drug called Etoposide (or VP-16) that makes one's excrements a hazardous toxin, so in their own little toxic waste bin they go! His diaper has to be changed every 2 hours around the clock during treatment and two days following. Again, I am missing a golden opportunity for many dirty diaper jokes, I know.


  1. Emily, I have obviously not checked up on your real blog for a few months. I received your beautiful Christmas card today, and was shocked to to hear the news of sweet baby Case. I have read all your posts on this blog and tears are streaming. All my love and prayers with you and your family and your sweet baby boy. I look up to you so much for your incredible faith through this journey. I may have sent my Christmas card to your old address. Hopefully it'll find its way to you. Love you! Rachel

  2. * i meant to say private blog, not real blog :)

  3. Oh Emily, I am so sorry that this past Chemo was more difficult! As I sit here with Will in the hospital(he just had his tonsils out) I am of course thinking of you and amazed how much you have been through already. You are so strong to constantly be at the hospitals. All my love!

  4. Wow---so much has happened since I last checked your blog. What a tough week you all have had. I am glad Case is feeling better now.

    It was so great to see you at church last Sunday. The kids so enjoyed seeing you again! It really boosted everyone's spirits. Since Sunday, our kids have prayed for Case even more. We love you guys!