Thursday, December 29, 2011

Round 4 of Chemo

Now that's something to celebrate! Case was happy too. His awesome Nurse Ginny decked out his room with sweet baby toys!

We are so thrilled to be on the downward slope. We just got home today from a 3-day cycle, and so far, so good. We are really hoping that Case doesn't feel as bad as he did last round.

On Tuesday, January 10th we have a CT Scan and MRI. This will be the first time we will see the progress that the chemo is making since we started. Again, we are having a love/hate relationship: we are excited to see what kind of shrinkage there is, but we are also so scared to maybe discover no change at all.

We are assuming that there is some shrinkage because he is acting so much better. When he's not recuperating from chemo, he's our sweet happy baby again. He liver lab tests are also improving with each test (remember that his liver was failing due to the tumor literally blocking all of its drainage ducts). So we have hopes and we just keep praying and praying!

Some people have asked for specific things to pray for. So if you are one of those, here is what we pray for: 1) that the chemo will shrink the tumor so that it can be removed by surgery, 2) that we will know how to help him cope with what he is experiencing, 3) that he will find comfort, and 4) that the cancer won't come back!!

We would like to continually thank everyone for their wonderful generosity, prayers, and love!


  1. So glad for the updates! Happy Birthday, Case! Thank goodness for a wonderful Christmas and good luck with the second half of chemo! We are always praying for you all!!

  2. Thanks for the update. I'm so glad we're halfway through! We are hopeful that all will be well. We continue to pray for Case and you guys. Love ya!

  3. These posts have made my day! Those smiles are so priceless. Here's to a happy, healthy, cancer free New Year to our beautiful nephew. We love you guys and are so proud of you.

  4. Glad his chemo treatments are over the hump, and are now in the slump (missionary terms for halfway and the last half). I am also so glad to hear that he is showing obvious signs of improvement. Thank you for the specific things to pray for. We are looking forward to a great report from the doctors.