Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Case!

Happy Birthday sweet little Casers!

Our sweet boy turned one on December 16th and we had a great day! He was feeling good, as he was past chemo and his blood counts were all back to normal, so we celebrated as normal as possible.

We had a little party with family and our friends, the Harts, who are experiencing their own cancer battle with their daughter.

Case got some pretzels for his birthday, and was quite pleased, as you can see! He also got these cars from the Harts that zoom off when you pull them back. He was on the floor playing with them when I heard this high-pitched shriek. I thought something was wrong, but no, he was just so insanely excited! You can see how intently he's focusing in the picture below. It was so cute!

This is our awesome friend Brooke. Case and Brooke have a special bond with each other and I love seeing them together. Brooke and her sisters can always make him smile! When we were at Children's in Dallas our rooms were 4 doors away from each other.

We thoroughly enjoyed all the happy smiles Case gave us on his birthday...they were priceless presents.

We love you sweet boy!


  1. What a sweet, happy little 1 year old! So glad he was on the happy side of chemo for this. These pictures are fabulous, especially love the one of his pretzels! :)

  2. I am so happy that Case got to celebrate his birthday and christmas as a happy boy. Both days I thought of you guys. He is so cute.

  3. The picture of you and Case smiling at each other in front of the Christmas tree is beautiful! What a happy boy and mama:)