Monday, December 12, 2011

Effects of Round 3

Well, this round (3) was much tougher than the previous two. We were in the hospital Monday, Tuesday, and went home on Wednesday after lunch. Tuesday night Case was pretty crabby and just uncomfortable, even after pacing the halls 50 times in a row (thank goodness for a friend who paced with me!).

Thursday and Friday at home were some of the worst days we have had so far. Case just cried and whined, even while being held and comforted. It was awful as a parent to watch him suffer, not knowing what was wrong or how to help. And it was frustrating as a person after two days, which made us feel guilty. Fortunately Sunday found our sweet old Case again and he's back to being happy.

He has been on two anti-nausea medicines (Zofran and Atavan). Atavan is pretty strong and our doctor wanted to try something new this time. Well, that didn't work and we had some vomiting before we just switched back to Atavan. The side effects (dizzy - he falls over, sleepiness, and feeling out of it) are better than the vomiting.

So, we are now starting to see the darker side of chemo. It obviously makes him feel awful, as others have said, but it's the only thing to do. Friday night, after all day of crying, vomiting, and diarrhea, Graydon decided to add insult to injury by throwing up from something he ate all night long. It was a long weekend, but as I said, Case is back to being cute and smiley. Now we have two weeks to enjoy before it starts again. We go in two days after Christmas.

The pictures below are obviously before the yuckiness really set in. For the most part, Case enjoys being at the hospital and having all the nurses to coo at him!

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