Monday, November 28, 2011

Blood Donations in Case's Name

We have had a lot of friends and family who do not live in the North Texas area express an interest in donating blood for Case. Case receives his blood through Carter BloodCare, which is located just in North Texas. We called Carter to see if they had a partnership with a national blood bank so that credit could be given to Case, but a program like this doesn't exist.

But we decided that there is still a way to help. Even though you can't donate blood specifically into Case's "credit bank" if you are outside of North Texas, we still want you to donate blood. Please go to your local blood bank and donate! Case receives blood from wonderful strangers, and we want our family and friends to be that "wonderful stranger" for a baby like Case in your area. It would truly mean so much to us if you do this.

So here is our request:

1. Locate your local blood bank by visiting America's Blood Centers and make an appointment

2. While you are donating, tell those around you about our sweet Baby Case and why you are there

3. Post a comment here so that we know of your awesomeness and Case will give you "credit!"

Giving blood saves lives, and Case is one of those lucky lives saved!


  1. None of our family can give blood because we lived in England during the "mad cow disease" years--but our stake here in UT is having its annual blood drive on the 16th and I am dedicating all the donations to Case! Wish we could give him the actual credits, but there will be many thoughts and loads of love coming his way!!

  2. I know lots of people on Facebook that live there in north Texas. Hope it's okay I posted for them all to go donate during the holiday season. Hopefully they do and we will do what we can here in Utah for other kids in need.