Sunday, November 20, 2011

2nd Round of Chemo

I know I'm really late in posting this, but Case has done really well with the second round of chemotherapy. He hasn't thrown up...hooray! He has had little urps and burps with little spit-ups, but definitely not the vomiting that he had last time. He has remained happy, kept up his appetite, and is almost sleeping through the night. So we are quite pleased! We have seen lots of smiles like the one below:

His hair has stopped falling out, for now. Apparently it will go through the cycles along with the chemotherapy. The hairs that have fallen out already are the really long ones, or the ones that were in an active cycle of growing. You know when you pull a hair out and there is a little white ball on the end? Well, his hair didn't have that anymore...there was nothing holding it in! So what's left is a short fuzzy layer everywhere! It's cute.

So I learned some things from this round. We went in to the clinic at 1:00 pm on Tuesday for them to check his blood counts, since he can't do chemo without his counts coming back up. So by the time we got over to the hospital, it was about 4:00. Then his urine needs to be super clear, which really needs some IV hydration first. Then he can start his chemo. There are three drugs, and it takes about 3 hours. Then he has two hours of super-hydration through the IV. Then he needed a blood infusion, which takes 3 hours and they check him every 20 minutes. So we weren't left alone at night until about 3:00 am!! So next time I'm making our clinic appointment in the morning so that hopefully we can sleep at night!

So thanks to everyone for your well-wishes for Case's treatment. We are very happy that he's doing so well! He even has gained half a pound since his first treatment. Our next treatment starts on Monday, Dec 5th and will be three days. Hopefully we can get out on the third day and not have to stay a fourth night.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Emily,

    Thank you so much for continually updating your blog. I am always so anxious to know what is happening with your sweet family and especially little Case. I know you are so busy, and have so much going on right now--I am grateful you are able to blog and keep the rest of us up to speed on everything that is going on.

    So glad this round of chemo has been a little easier on Case.

    Lots of love. Heidi

  2. So glad it is going well so well as can be expected. You are in my thoughts and prayers often.