Monday, October 24, 2011

Chemotherapy begins

Even though the final pathology results from last week's biopsy are not yet available, Case's doctor said today that she would like to begin Case's chemotherapy tonight. The doctor said she "lost sleep" over the weekend thinking about Case and feels strongly that there is no need to delay chemotherapy any longer. He had an audiology test today which he passed in preparation for chemo treatment. An audiology test is commonly performed prior to giving chemotherapy to establish a baseline to detect whether or not the treatment is negatively impacting hearing. After just one round of chemotherapy, the tumor is expected to shrink significantly and offer Case a little bit of relief. He'll receive 3 days of chemo (tonight, tomorrow and Wednesday). If Case's liver and other organs are doing well, they'll probably come home Thursday or Friday.

Case's doctor is classifying the tumor as a stage "three-and-a-half," mostly because she sees indications of metastasis to another possible tumor in the back of his chest near his spine, and it will be clinically classified as a stage "four."

Case's chemotherapy will be administered in 8 cycles, each three weeks long. Every odd treatment will be three days long and every even treatment will only be one day long. With each treatment cycle, they will alternate the types of medicine used so that the tumor won't build up a resistance to one type of medicine.  During the first week, Case will likely feel pretty nauseated. During the second week, he'll be very susceptible to germs (likely no visits during this time). And, in the third week he'll be feeling like himself again. At the end of the third week the next cycle will begin. At the end of 8 treatments, hopefully the tumor will have shrunken enough to remove it surgically.

We feel that this is a direct answer to prayers. Emily and Xavier want to express their gratitude for all your prayers, concerns, and well-wishes. Continue to pray that Case's body will handle the stress of the chemotherapy and that the medicine will do its job!


  1. We pray for Case in every single prayer, we love you guys and we will continue praying without ceasing for Cases recovery

  2. We have prayed and fasted and will continue to do so! We love you and our thoughts are with Case as he begins his treatment!

  3. Emily & Xavier,

    Mike and I are keeping Case and your entire family in our prayers.

    Kerri Barnes

  4. What a blessing to have the doctor prompted to know what needs to be done. Case, Emily & X continue to be in our prayers.

  5. To our dear friends--
    Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you and especially little Case.
    It has been so long since we've seen you in person, but "love knows no bounds".
    As always,
    Rick and Kristi Smith and family

  6. How amazing to have a doctor who loses sleep over her patient! Case deserves the absolute best and it sounds like he is in great hands there at the hospital.
    We love being able to see all the pictures of what's going on at the hospital and are looking forward to seeing lots more "smiley Case" pictures soon when that chemo starts doing it's job and helping him get healthy again.

    Thinking and praying for all of you.
    Lots of love.

  7. This sounds wonderful! So happy you have such an amazing doctor working so hard for case! We love you and are thinking about you!
    Liz and Dan Marek

  8. I look forward to the updates. I am thankful for the fantastic team of doctors and nurses that are helping Case. Our family continues to pray often for your entire family.

  9. Thanks for the update and the pictures. What a beautiful little man and wonderful family. I am so grateful the doctor was concerned and ready to make the decisions that felt best. We continue to pray for you all!