Sunday, August 5, 2012

Right back at the hospital!

I suppose we weren't too shocked when our time at home was short lived. Saturday morning Case woke up with a fever...something you cannot take lightly with a cancer patient.  X took him in to the ER (since it was Saturday and the clinic was closed) for some blood tests and some antiobiotics.

They got home around 4:00 pm.  As we were putting the boys to bed we got an urgent phone call from the hospital saying that one of the blood culture tests came back positive.  So X loaded him back up in the car and there they have been since!

We are still waiting for a specific culture test to show us exactly what kind of bug he has in him.  That information will let the doctors give him a very specific antibiotic that he can possibly take by IV at home.  For now he is taking a general antibiotic.

Our poor boys...Case for personally having to suffer through this experience, and Graydon for constantly having the family split up right before his eyes. 

Other than a fever (and I'm sure he feels terrible inside) Case has remained pretty happy.  There still is no more fluid or air accumulating in his chest or abdomen, and we are so so thankful for that wonderful blessing!!  I'll trade that problem for a fever and infection (not that we are okay with this, by any means).  I'm sure by the time Case is ready to come home it will be chemo time and we'll just move back in to the hospital. 

We are so sick of this!


  1. Oh man...I was specifically praying that you could stay at home! Boo! Glad for the things are going right but such a bummer to end up back in the hospital. Hope he feels well again quickly!

  2. I was just about to message you & ask how life at home is. So sorry for this!! Glad his chest is clear though. Hoping & praying he'll be better & back home soon. Praying for you, X & big boy Graydon too. Lots of love.

  3. We love you guys! Our prayers continue ....

    AJ and Cindy

  4. I loved seeing you, Graydon, and X on Sunday. I admire how you just go on with life when there is so much else going on. Graydon gave such a great talk in primary. You and X are such great parents.

    I am sad that Case is in the hospital again. I am hoping he will be able to do his IV at home and will be able to feel well before he starts this next round. You all really need a break!

    Much love,

  5. So glad his chest is still clear, but sorry to hear about a new bug :( Hopefully the antibiotic will work quickly and you all can be home together soon! We pray for Case everyday!

  6. X I follow this blog so close as I go in and out of the hospital I think of you and what a great priesthood holder and example to your family you are. These images of your strength durning times of crisis or sickness will e forever remembered as they gro up how strong you are and they will have a stronger desire to follow in your footsteps and be a hero much like their mom and dad were in times of great trial. I've watched my son continually ask me if I'm afarid or if I'm going to leave him and what a comfort that the lord has provided him to know that it's going to take a lot more that an ailment to stop my dad. You and Em are amazing, what you write strengthens me and helps me remember what president Hinkley said "bad things happen to good people...but even better people smile and take the trial knowing that this is necessary for their salvation". I miss you X drop me a line sometime and we can catch up and chat. Love from the Scott Brase family.