Sunday, January 15, 2012

Even Better!

So in the last post about Case's results, I said that the tumor was about half the size (by linear measurement). Well, Xavier and I were thinking about how it's really more than that because the volume of the outer core of tumor is greater than what is left.

Xavier sat down to do the math tonight and showed me that the tumor is currently 22.85% of the original size!! Woo hoo!! Then I get into my email tonight and see a comment from someone in Berlin, Germany (a kind stranger - thank you Gabi) who stated the exact same thing...Case's tumor is 23% of the original size.

The last four treatments have reduced the tumor by 77%!! Take that, you nasty cancer!!

I also forgot to mention the little tumor deep in his chest wall (the part that pushed his diagnosis from Stage 3 to Stage 4). While I don't have measurements, the doctor said that it was significantly reduced in size. They still are not sure if it's an actual tumor, or just "sick" lymph nodes, but there are actually three of them, with only one being of more concern. Overall, the doctors don't seem too concerned about those.

Let's just celebrate 23%!! And tomorrow he goes in for Round 5, more of the superhero drugs that we love and hate!


  1. Woo hoo! Hooray for math! Hooray for miracles!

  2. So glad it is much better than originally thought. GREAT news!

  3. You are more than welcome :-))))
    I know a little girl, who was diagnosed with Grade IV neuroblastoma at the age of 18 Months. It has been recurred twice. She had several chemos, MIBG, whatever else, some OP's and lots of pre- and post-treatment.
    One OP was particularly severe: the tumor attacked her vertabra. I thought: God, that's it. And I was wrong, thank God!!!!
    Now she is 9 years old, still quite thin, and as her bowels have been kind of destroyed by the many chemo rounds, she is rather susceptible to gastrointestinal infections.
    But she survived and has all the hope to win. She has just started school and is happy! Nowadays she has to go to control every half a year, but no more treatment is necessary!

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